One to one gym sessions are focused on training, this is very different from random calorie burning which the more popular approach in the personal training industry.

Sessions are based on your exact specific goals and each session is a stepping stone to get you there. This involves gym sessions based on weight training in order to build the strength of the skeletal muscles which in turn will build muscle, increase the metabolism and aid fat loss.


The rest of the equation is diet, specifically how to feed the muscle while starving the fat. It is an exact proven template which I use personally and has been used to dramatically transform my clients.


Determining what category you fit into will depend on the information you give me in our first consultation and my specific recommendations. These fall into three main categories:


  •  Body Re-composition - Building muscle while losing fat

  • Aggressive Fat Loss - Losing fat as fast as possible while maintaining muscle

  • Lean Muscle Building - Building Pure Muscle Without Fat


Whatever the specific goal the training sessions are the same, they are based on weight training, the only thing that differs is the amount of calories you will be consuming.

For re-composition you will be eating maintenance calories, for aggressive fat loss you will be in a moderate caloric deficit and for lean muscle building you will be in a moderate surplus.



Achieving a strong, lean and defined physique requires only three days per week lifting weights combined with correct eating. It really is as simple as that.

Minimalism and simplicity is what enabled me to stay consistent long term which is the real key to success. Don't be fooled into thinking you need anything more than that.

You do not need long gruelling sessions involving burpees and complex routines. Excessive hours spent training are completely unnecessary and are in fact counterproductive.

My personal training sessions are based on this exact concept of quality over quantity.